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In Lieu of Flowers. . . .

March 20, 2014 by Darren Main
Pastor-Fred-Phelps-001Having written about the Westboro Baptist Church in my book, Hearts & Minds and having  debated Shirley Phelps ,  I find  myself struggling with the passing of her father, The Rev. Fred Phelps.  As the founder of the infamous  church ‘meets Jesus’, the rest of us are left with a quandary about how to mark his passing.
Little nice can be said about his life, his deeds or his words.  He and his followers picked at Matthew Shepard’s funeral, the funerals of countless fallen soldiers and the funerals of children gunned down while at school.  They proudly called women sluts and whores, hosted the website and did a number of parody music videos in which they said the most vial things imaginable. Read more...
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