Churches & Pastors

The local church congregation is the most tangible place to experience the love of God and community.

What message does your church send?

Many of us grew up hearing our parents and teachers tell us that Christianity and anything other than traditional heterosexuality cannot co-exist. Hearing condemnations from pastors, teachers, and parents has caused enormous amounts of religious trauma and shame within LGBTQIA+  people.

As people grow to understand their LGBTQIA+  identity, churches, pastors, and sometimes even family members are not seen as safe. LGBTQIA+  often stay “in the closet” to avoid shame and isolation. Many either decide to leave the church completely or to live a lie because they don’t trust their church or pastor to be safe, welcoming, or loving

It’s not just about the LGBTQIA+ person

Every LGBTQIA+  person comes from a family. Families that have an LGBTQIA+  person also need support. They similarly may not trust their pastor or congregation and tend to “go into the closet” and not share with their community as well. They may even leave the church because they cannot be in a community of people who condemn their son, daughter, or friend.

Kinship’s Vision

  • We envision the church as a safe, welcoming refuge for all 

  • We envision a church that values honesty and authenticity

  • We envision a church where people can share their thoughts, feelings, identities, questions, doubts, and their full selves AND continue to be embraced, continue to serve, and continue to experience community in their local church. 

  • Many Adventist churches are not there. Church policies and doctrine don’t help or provide a simple way forward. However, a growing number of pastors, churches, and congregations are willing to step out in faith. They are proactively choosing love and grace. They are choosing to have a community that values people and inclusion over conformity and tradition. 

What can your church do?

  • Fill out this church survey 
  • Enough Room at the Table screening and discussion
  • Order the UnClobber book and host a discussion

What about the Bible and theology?

Not a member?

No matter your journey, if you are looking for a diverse, inclusive community, SDA Kinship International is here for you.