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Kampmeeting - Through the Lens of a Parent

I have a daughter, *Sophia, 14 years old, who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She’s bright,
energetic, and social who happens to be bisexual.

When I first learned that Sophie identified as bisexual, I was devastated. I knew that most importantly I
would always love my child. Based on that foundation, I started to read, watch, and learn anything I
could about the LGBTQ+ community. While searching for answers, I watched “Seventh-gay Adventists”
and found out about SDA Kinship. To my delight, I learned that a Kampmeeting was scheduled in a few
months near my home. I signed up and Sophie agreed to attend at least some of the meetings.

After I signed up to attend Kampmeeting, I started researching even more about LGBTQ+ to educate
myself. I was scared that I would unintentionally say or do something that would offend a person who
identified as LGBTQ+.

Kampmeeting was scheduled to start on a Thursday night and officially end Saturday night. On Thursday
night I attended, however Sophia chose to stay at home. I was nervous to go by myself, especially since I
was only an ally. When I arrived, I found out that the meeting area was in a small conference room
inside of a hotel. I was surprised that the attendance was sparse. There were not any children or
teenagers, only adults. When I walked in, I was warmly greeted by everyone. There were a few people
attending that I had met on-line and they were just as friendly in person as on-line. No one interrogated
me concerning my presence; I was just instantly welcomed with open arms. The atmosphere was
relaxed, warm, and open. There were a few comments made by some of the LGBTQ+ members about
how this is one of the few times that they feel completely safe and welcome in a social setting. Even
though the comments were made in a light-hearted manner, the hurt and pain were evident
underneath the joviality. My heart cried out for the discrimination and rejection that they endure in
everyday life.

Sophia came with on Sabbath morning and we stayed the entire day until the end of the Saturday
evening program. On Sabbath morning, some children and teenagers attended so Sophia connected
with a few of them which was a positive experience. Sopia enjoyed connecting with people closer to her
age. I hope more teenagers and young adults attend future Kampmeetings. During the Saturday evening
talent program, Sophia sang a song. It was good to see her participating and interacting with others.
Each presentation was beneficial and enlightening. There were a variety of speakers and programs
scheduled from speaking about Ellen White’s personal life to a transgender’s experience to a Saturday
night talent show.

I highly recommend attending Kampmeeting every year. It is a great way for a parent ally to connect
with the LGBTQ+ community and learn more about them in a spiritual and social setting.

Learn more about Kampmeeting in 2023 at

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