UnClobber 101: What to do now that you have the book.

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Learning Resources

Colby Martin's One Pager

Colby Martin provides one page sheets that distill the interpretation of each of the biblical passages.

Quick LGBTQ Guide

In eight minutes, learn how to better talk with and about people who identify as LGBTQ.

Guiding Families

The North-American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church published the “Guiding Families" booklet to helps families and ministers learn how to show more grace and compassion to LGBT individuals in their families, churches, and community.

YouTube Videos

Kinship has curated video's about this topic and more into a playlist of other scholars who have researched the texts.

Take Action


Start a Conversation

Work with your church to host a screening of a Seventh-Gay Adventists or Enough Room at the Table. You can also order more UnClobber books to start a book club.

Work with your Local Church

There are many ways to effect change in your church. Your church can create a welcoming statement to proactively let the community know that LGBT people can attend AND be safe, in your church. Many other Adventist churches have already started.