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From the President's Desk-December 2014

Yolanda140310-P3100061-150It’s hard to believe that we’re coming to the end of another year. A lot has gone on for Kinship during 2014, as you will recall by looking back over past issues of the eNews and the Connection. We have so much to be truly thankful for, too.

I think one of the most precious things on this earth is our families, whether birth family or our families of choice. I love to hear about Floyd visiting with his elderly mom or Jerry posting on Facebook about his visits home. And whenever one of our Kinship siblings is hurting, as Karen must be as she recovers from serious injuries sustained in a traffic accident just before Thanksgiving, we want to surround her and her partner with love and encourage them in any way we can. That’s what families do for one another.

I also love watching our Kinship family grow. This past summer, we had a large number of new members attend Kampmeeting for the very first time. My life was brightened so much just because they were there and I had the opportunity to get to know them. I look forward to next summer when I get to see them again along with all the other members of Kinship who’ll attend in Pomona, California. I know of some members who have had to miss Kampmeeting over the last few years due to illness or some other unforeseen circumstances. They told me how difficult it was for them to miss their Kinship “family reunion,” and I can only imagine. Kampmeeting is the one place where many of us can be ourselves; and it’s not only a safe space, but healing in a lot of ways, too.  

Whenever I begin to write about Kampmeeting and the relationships that I’ve formed through Kinship over the years, I realize again just how important they are to me. I suppose that’s why practically every time I get up to speak during Kampmeeting, I break down and cry! There is a soft spot in my heart for you all, and it’s because of you that I have made sure I’ve attended every year since my very first Kampmeeting in 1995. This event is one gift that I make sure to give to myself each year, but you all are the gifts that keep giving to me all through the year.

Why not give yourself a wonderful gift this year and take advantage of our holiday Kinship Kampmeeting special?  The friendships that I’ve formed through Kinship at Kampmeetings and mini-Kampmeetings and events in my local region have been some of the most important friendships in my life. Many of them began just as a few members gathering at someone’s home and grew from there: family doesn’t need a mansion or a feast. At the end of the day, we only need each other.

As the end-of-year holidays begin, I hope that you’ll be able to spend time with your families, your loved ones, and your friends. I am truly blessed by you. Thank you for the gift of you that you share with me.

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