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Kinship Kampmeeting 2020

Eliel Cruz Nov 19, 2014 | rns

Growing up in the  Seventh-day Adventist Church, I actively sought out every activity I could that allowed me to engage with scripture — not because my parents highly encouraged it but because I truly enjoyed the experience. I’ve only ever attended religious educational institutions and the spiritual environments allowed me to mature in my relationship in Christ. The Christian community has always affirmed me in my spiritual journey. In short, my identity in Christ has always been important to me. It still is.

Shortly after coming out as bisexual, my identity in Christ was no longer affirmed; it became questioned, scrutinized, and criticized. The reactions were as if I had changed. But I never really changed. I was just finally showing another part of me, a part that had been hidden and was finally released. And coming out truly is one of the most freeing processes. To unveil a part of yourself you had hidden away for such a long time is like standing in the sun for the very first time.

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