Kinship in Latin America

Kinship Latin America is a community of current and former Adventist LGBTQIA+ individuals and their families and friends, who live in or come from countries where the native language is Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese. This group within Kinship supports our members in many countries and serves many  diverse needs and cultures.

Lateinamerikanische Ereignisse...

Kinship Brasil Vésperas

8 PM Sao Paulo Time
Kinship Brasil Vésperas é o programa de uma sexta-feira Vésperas para começar o sábado (em Português)
Para detalhes, entre em contato com; kinshipbrasil@sdakinship.org.

Meditaciones Entre Nos

10 AM hora de Colombia / Perú

Para obtener más detalles, comuníquese con  kinshipcolombia@sdakinship.org

KinSchool Brasil
Sabado, 3 PM São Paulo Time (BRT). Para detalhes, entre em contato com; kinshipbrasil@sdakinship.org.

Resenha Kinship convida:

Sexta-feira / 8 de outubro 20 Horas / Horário de Brasília

V Congreso de Familias Diversas

El V Congreso de Familias Diversas de Kinship en Colombia se realizará los días 23 y 24 de octubre de 2021 en Bogotá.

Para obtener más detalles, comuníquese con  kinshipcolombia@sdakinship.org

El amor de Dios me acepta siendo lesbiana

Fernanda es una mujer abiertamente lesbiana quien nos comparte un mensaje especial para todas aquellas mujeres lesbianas que en algún momento han sentido rechazo por alguna comunidad de fe, a causa de su diversidad sexual. Si este vídeo es de bendición para tu vida, dale like y compártelo con alguien a quien creas que le pueda servir.

Lateinamerika Regionen & Leaders



Kinship Jugend Español

Moises Flores, Nathan Hilton


  August P email icon 35


Belize, Honduras und Nicaragua
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kinship argentina en
email icon 35fb icon  Koordinatoren: Dario Franscovia & Claudio Mattias  
Ort:  San Vicente, Misiones 
Telefon:  +54 9 3755 241075 (Darío)
+54 9 3755 391866 (Claudio)

Seventh-Gay Adventists

Growing up Adventist means knowing you belong. And being Adventist is about much more than a set of beliefs--it's a close-knit community not easily left. Faith, identity, and sexuality collide in this raw and moving documentary about the challenges and spiritual journeys of three Seventh-day Adventists who love God and their church and are also gay.

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You can believe the Bible and
welcome the LGBTQ community

Pastor Colby Martin researched the 6 texts that are traditionally used to condemn LGBTQ people. He shares both his research findings and his personal journey of growth. Kinship is sharing this book free to all. We believe it does an outstanding job of explaining the original context and how we can have more inclusive communities today.

Order a copy for yourself or a friend today!

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Order a copy for yourself
or a friend, today!

Kinship auf der ganzen Welt

Unsere internationale Gemeinschaft erstreckt sich über seis Kontinente und über 80 Länder. Unser Ziel ist es, allen unseren Mitgliedern die Möglichkeit zu geben, sich vor Ort zu verbinden, um Gemeinschaft und Unterstützung zu erhalten. Viele dieser Regionen haben private Facebook- und WhatsApp-Gruppen, um zu kommunizieren und Veranstaltungen zu planen. [ Erkunden Sie die Kinship Gemeinschaften ]