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LGBTI Andrews University Students Share Their Stories At Campus Event

LGBTI Andrews University Students Share Their Stories At Campus Event

Over 600 people attended the first ever conversation with LGBT students at Andrews University. We had multiple overflow rooms to stream the conversation to accommodate everyone, and even then people were standing and sitting on the ground. Thank you everyone for packing that room with your bodies and with your love.

It made sense this happened on such a holy Sabbath. The entire scene reminded me of the time Jesus came to speak at someone's house and people were hanging from the rafters just to hear Him talk. God was definitely in that room and people were there to listen. I for one was healed last night. And through my own tears I saw there was barely a dry eye in the room when we finished the program with the song, "How He Loves."

We were able to get together and in the midst of all of our theological beliefs have a safe space.

Thank you Andrews University, the students, my friends, faculty, and staff. It was a hard road to get this program to even happen but in the end love prevailed—love will always prevail.

Editor's note: Andrews University's Student Life department hosted this event as part of a university program series. The university joins the wider church in encouraging further conversation and a concern for pastoral care after the General Conference summit on gender and sexuality in Cape Town, South Africa, March 17-20, 2014. Next Sabbath, Andrews University staff members who attended or presented at the South African summit will share their reflections on the meeting and its impact on the denomination. —KM

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