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Design Work on New SDA Kinship Logo Starts


In October of 2017, SDA Kinship initiated the process to create a new logo. This is part of a greater SDA Kinship brand enhancement effort as work towards increasing appeal to current constituents, and expanding the organization’s reach, membership, and visibility continues.

The world and the way people interact with brands has changed a lot since the existing logo was created more than a decade ago. “With the current proliferation of social media in mind, my goal is that we match or even exceed current trends on the world wide web,” Clinton Sorzano, Kinship’s Director of Communications, confirmed.

After an initial search process, the Kinship leadership met with and voted to contract Amador Jaojoco of Amador Designs based in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, with the task of completing this project.

Amador specializes in LGBT/Adventist communities–through his work with Pacific Union College’s (PUC) GASP Organization, PUC’s Public Relations Department, and the Intercollegiate Adventist GSA Coalition.

In mid-April, the first design concepts will be presented to the SDA Kinship leadership team for review, discussion, and recommendations.

The new logo will be revealed at Kinship’s annual Kampmeeting this July in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kinship Kampmeeting 2018
European Kinship Meeting

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