Ichthus Net Logo License Agreement

The Ichthus Net logo is the cornerstone of SDA Kinship’s identity and the primary common element that identifies our organization and reinforces our values.

The purpose of these logo standards is to maintain a strong, visually distinctive mark that identifies the organizational identity and brand of Seventh-day Adventist Kinship, International. Only by consistent use of the logo do we continue to strengthen our right to this mark. Any dilution of the mark may weaken our right to protect the usage of this logo. It should be used for all official SDA Kinship events, documentation, publications, etc.

This Agreement contains the terms and conditions by which Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International, Inc. (SDA Kinship), PO Box 2044, Orinda, CA 94563-0244 USA is willing to grant you a license to use its logo hereafter referred to as Ichthus Net. By completing the form and clicking Submit, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement in its entirety.

Grant of License
We grant you a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use of Ichthus Net and the name Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International (also known as SDA Kinship) solely to the extent that it does not go against or hinder the mission, vision, and values of SDA Kinship, and according to the following terms and conditions:

  • You may not under any circumstance publish a modified version of the Ichthus Net logo without expressed permission from SDA Kinship.
  • You may not under any circumstance publish any print or online publications that include the Ichthus Net logo without the expressed permission of SDA Kinship.
  • You will submit your design work to SDA Kinship via email to info@sdakinship.org for approval. All logo requests are subject to approval within 3 days of receiving your request.

This is done to allow SDA Kinship entities some creativity while still ensuring the quality and essence of Ichthus Net is not compromised. All outside vendors acting independent of SDA Kinship, and desiring to utilize Ichthus Net on their materials must submit their request to info@sdakinship.org for approval.  All logo requests are subject to approval within 3 days of receiving your request.

Translation and/or Localization
The official SDA Kinship logo must not be modified under any circumstance. This includes, but is not limited to translating the organization’s name Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International, Inc. and/or SDA Kinship. Chapter/Region/Department names and logos can be added in addition to the official logo according to the official style guide.

Logo Usage Violations
If found in violation of this policy you will be asked to discontinue the use of the SDA Kinship logo immediately. Legal action may be sought against any entity remaining noncompliant of this policy.