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Discovering that a relative is LGBTIQ can be difficult for families, who often feel alone.

SDA Kinship’s family community is diverse and includes experienced and supportive family members: parents, pastors, church administrators, and other professionals, all having a common bond—an LQBTIQ+ family member. 

Discovering a relative is LGBTIQ+ can be emotional, difficult, and complex. While walking, or having walked this path before, members of SDA Kinship’s family community have used their experience and knowledge to develop strong, safe paths of communication between themselves and their LGBTIQ+ family members, even when disagreements linger. 

They are available and happy to share their stories and experiences.

If someone in your family is LQBTIQ+ and you are currently struggling with how to best love your LQBTIQ+ family member and reconcile that with your Seventh-day Adventist or Christian beliefs, or if you have already made progress on that journey, SDA Kinship’s Family Community welcomes you and wants to support you on your journey.

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KinWomen provides a safe place for women to support each other, and share life experiences.

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