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Dear Kinship family around the world!

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Message from the President

Dear Kinship family around the world!

The past two weeks have been filled with blessings for me. I traveled to Germany and spent a week with my favorite cousin. It has been two years since I was in Europe. I spent the time just doing a lot of talking and catching up. It was wonderful spending time with my biological family that affirms me 100%.

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We live in a society (even in church) that routinely tries to separate us into categories: rich, poor; Black, White; female, male; gay, cis, transgender; liberal, conservative. It's a throwback to our tribalistic past and it shows no signs of weakening. If anything, it seems to be getting more entrenched.

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Are Conversion Therapies Successful?

As Carolyn and I connect with many LGBTQIA+ families and close friends, we are often asked about SOCE. Yes, we have connected with a few folks who claim “success” when they experienced SOCE and we’ve also connected with other folks who failed their SOCE experience.

So what is “SOCE”? We’ve done some research from several angles and will share what appears to be well-based information and recommendations.

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Life at Quest Learning Center

At 7:30 a.m., March 16, 1983, I boarded a bus bound for Reading, Pennsylvania. Six hours later, I was back at the Ottawa bus station!

Expecting problems with border security about my stay in the United States, Colin had prepared two letters. The first letter read:

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