David Brooks


David Brooks is a graduate of Lemoore High School in California. In the years since then, he has traveled the world. He's lived in Paris and spent months at a time in India and Central America, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Latvia, and others. One of the main attractions for him in all these places is the art and the magnificent museums that hold this cultural history. In all his travels, he has met wonderfully warm and friendly people.

It was on a trip to Honduras, where he was working in schools with kids, that David realized he wanted to do something different with his life. Upon returning home, he made some decisions that set him in a new direction. He started at West Hills Community College with two classes, graduated with an Associate's Degree, and went on to graduate from Fresno State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, and subsequently received his Master’s Degree in Art from Fresno State University. After many frustrating years of being a barber/stylist, he retired and was a substitute teacher for two years before being hired at West Hills Community College.

Art to David is, first, an outlet for self-expression. Art is everywhere. He sees art in nature, the material world and even in the dream world. It is in the decisions we make about the food we eat, the church we attend and the car we buy. Even the music we listen to gives rise to art because of the imagination we use to create images and express emotions.

 David Brooks - Who Am I? - An Expression of God’s Art