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Viewpoint: A Response to the Adventist Review on the NFL's First Openly Gay Player

15 May 2014 | ELIEL CRUZspectrum

In this month’s Adventist ReviewJimmy Phillips writes about the NFL’s draft – specifically on the historical moment of the first openly gay player (Michael Sam) being drafted. Using Sam as a straw man, Phillips uses “scare quotes” to describe Michael’s coming out. The piece doesn’t actually discuss Michael Sam but rather, the author’s own personal views on homosexuality or really, on same sex-sex. He even takes a jab at Seventh-Gay Adventists (as if Seventh-Gay Adventists is the only organization working with the LGBT community in the church).

For speaking on a mainstream subject, Phillips is quite out of touch with the LGBT community, even within our own church. Here are the inaccuracies within Phillips’ piece: Read more...


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