Kirchliche Beziehungen

Seeking to improve the relationship between the LGBTIQ community and the Adventist church.

Through its Church Relations program, Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International seeks to build a positive relationship between members of the LGBTIQ+ community and the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.

Most churches have members who may be LGBTIQ+, and many LQBTIQ+ people may walk into Seventh-day Adventist churches every Sabbath. Due to the long history of homophobia in many churches, many LGBTIQ+ people must remain "in the closet" while at church because the church has proven itself to not be a safe place.

The goal of our Church Relations team is to:

  • Dialogue with pastors, administrators, educators, and churches about how to be more loving towards LGBTIQ+ people
  • Maintain a list of welcoming or loving Seventh-day Adventist churches where LGBTIQ+  people can attend and feel loved, included, and a sense of belonging
  • Consult with specific pastors and churches on how they can effect change in their spaces to be more Christlike towards LGBTIQ+ people
  • Work with faculty and students to address issues of bullying, harassment, and making classrooms a “safe place” for any students who experience marginalization. Kinship also supports the work of the Intercollegiate Adventist GSA Coalition (IAGC) on various college/university campuses.
  • The Church Relations team works to provide support to churches and pastors who are seeking to make their church a welcoming place for members of the LGBTIQ community.


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